Friday, January 16, 2009

14, 15, 16/365

breakin' out the woolies

Paula Deen's got nothin' on me y'all,
oatmeal and butta's my middle name!



nonna said...

the woolies are cute, the oatmeal looks disgusting! lol heart attack-in-a-bowl hehe have you ever tried crumblin' a biscuit up with oatmean? yummmmy flowers are gorgeous. umm happy birthday, soon?

word verif=bitywood no comment :)

sara said...

I love oatmeal!!! With lots of butta and brown sugar!!!!

Is there a birthday soon?

Ida said...

Thanks for the comment!

I am addicted to oatmeal actually..:)

Tiff said...

LOL Nonna, I love it when word verification spells out a goofy word!
Yes Sara, actually, my birthday is today ;o) said...

Hey Tiff! I just found you here, I'm not swift at all on blogs. I LOVE my oatmeal with butter ... no milk or cream just instant lower sugar oatmeal with butter ... YUM

Lisa said...

Happy birthday! Yay for January birthdays...a bright spot in an otherwise drab month!